Is your church or charity interested in investing in young people during 2021 whilst at the same time giving them an insight into your positive contribution to the community?

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Recently the Government announced a new job creation scheme to help counter the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the 16-24 age group. The ​‘Kickstart scheme’ offers a package help provide six-month work placements. These roles need to: 

  • be ‘new’, meaning they can’t replace the work done by existing employees or contractors;
  • be for a minimum of 25 hours per week, over six months;
  • paid at least the national minimum wage for their age group; and
  • not requiring extensive training before the young person starts.

Each placement will need to help the participants in the scheme to develop their skills and experience in:

  • looking for long-term work;
  • writing a CV and preparing for interview; and
  • developing work skills, such as time keeping, communication and being part of a team.

In return for offering a placement, the Government will reimburse you the cost of 25 hours a week at minimum wage, plus the employer’s national insurance and pension contributions (at automatic enrolment rates). You can increase the hours and pay if you want to, but your organisation would need to cover these additional costs. You will also receive an amount towards setup and training costs.

‘We are keen to explore the possibility of the Kickstarter scheme because it provides a great opportunity to connect with and serve a young person in our community and give them some hope in what can often feel like a hopeless situation. We also see the potential for this to be a blessing to the church family, expanding our horizons, as well as potentially helping with tasks that young people are well placed to face, such as managing technology.’

Rev. Matt Rowe, Arbury Road Baptist Church, Cambridge

A win-win for you and the young person?

This is an opportunity for Baptist churches and charities to help some of those most vulnerable to overcome the long-term impacts of Covid-19. You will need to be able to offer supervision and support, but you might also benefit through the placement by being able to start a new project or one that you’ve been sitting on for a while.

How can we help?

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is only accepting applications which include 30 or more placements. RiverTree is exploring the possibility of partnering with Baptist Associations, Colleges, churches and connected charities to facilitate a ‘consortium approach’ and act as a ‘gateway’ provider to the scheme and potentially offer shared training and support.

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