For over a decade the mission shaped ministry course has been the catalyst behind new expressions of church being planted and established congregations experiencing renewal. Simon Goddard pioneered the online version of the course in 2015 and has since enabled more than 140 individuals to benefit from this new flexible mode of delivery. 

Small groups gather in a home or church hall (with internet access) to participate in msm online together. When this group is able to include leaders from the church, and the permission to begin something new, this deepens the impact of the course even further. The modules are interactive and will be delivered live in a virtual ‘meeting room’ via the web, but recordings of the sessions and course notes will also be available. There is a Facebook group so that participants are able to ask each other questions and share their ideas and experiences, even after the course has completed.

Who is it for?

  • People thinking about pioneering or exploring this shape of ministry;
  • Those wanting to begin, sustain and grow a fresh expression of church;
  • Christians who want their churches to be more effective in mission;
  • All contexts regardless of denomination.

Features of the course

  • Designed for busy Christians;
  • Delivered ecumenically;
  • Experienced teachers;
  • Reflection on your context and story;
  • Varied learning styles and resources;
  • Opportunities to access local coaching;
  • Flexible online delivery.

The course team

The msm online course is hosted by Simon Goddard. The teaching team is ecumenical in nature, drawing upon the expertise of leaders within the fx movement.

Modules include

  • Mission context;
  • The mission of God;
  • Vision, values and call;
  • Starting something new;
  • Listening for mission;
  • What is church?;
  • Gospel and culture;
  • Team roles and behaviour;
  • Discipleship;
  • Evangelism;
  • Spirituality and worship;
  • Growing to maturity.

Timetable and Costs

The course runs over 15 Monday evenings and the next cohort begins in Sept 2020. There is, however, a version using recordings of sessions and online coaching which is available to start at any time.

The course fee is £295 for each church, (permitting up to 5 people to participate) in addition to a registration fee of £36/person. There are reductions in the course fee (up to 15% off) for those booking and paying a deposit early. Pay your deposit safely now by using PayPal below, or click here to contact us if you’d like more information before registering.

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