Zoom Tutorials

At the beginning of the week the UK government announced a lockdown to tackle the Coronavirus, RiverTree hosted a timely tutorial on behalf of Baptists Together to help churches stay connected. We actually ran six live tutorials that week, and with an average of 50 people registering for each one, we decided to broadcast the final tutorial on Facebook Live. This was viewed by more than 300 people over that first lockdown weekend, and so the recording was also uploaded to the Baptist Union YouTube channel. It has now been viewed several thousand times!

You can watch this tutorial video below, and if you would like to receive a pdf document with the slides that were shown, along with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers) then you can do so by clicking here. You’ll be subscribing to the RiverTree mailing list, but don’t worry we won’t sell your details to anyone, and you can subscribe at any time.

In the video I mention a referral link, http://bit.ly/33mP0my, and said any commission raised through the purchases of the pro version of Zoom during April 2020 would be donated by RiverTree to the Baptist Home Mission Fund. I am pleased to announce that about £370 was raised for this good cause – this in itself made the tutorial worth making!

There was a suggestion from Zoom that they were suspending the referral scheme, but if you use the link to purchase Zoom, and further commission is paid, I want to point out that this will go to RiverTree instead. That said, as a company we seek to be as generous as we can, and are committed to donating at least 10% of our pre-tax profits to charitable causes. To discover more about this look at our ethics page.

A month or so following the original video, with various security updates having been released by Zoom, and after receiving a variety of follow up technical questions, I did a second video tutorial. It was great to see a community of new Zoom experts emerging, and they were the ones answering many of the questions in the second part of the session.

You can download a pdf of the slides from this and the previous tutorial by clicking here, on the same basis as above.