Turn your good ideas into fruitful reality

“We long to see every individual and organisation being fruitful and flourishing, bringing their unique contribution to making the world a better place.”

Faithfully Adventurous

At RiverTree, whilst we long to see every individual and organisation being fruitful and flourishing, we are especially excited to partner with churches, helping them be fruitful in the mission of God.

Our director, Rev. Simon Goddard, has a Theology degree from Spurgeon’s College and a Masters in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck College (University of London). This training, along with his experience as a minister and regional minister, has enabled him to serve churches as a mission consultant for more than 15 years.

He has accompanied churches from a variety of denominations, helping them to be adventurous in responding to the changing context whilst being faithful to who God has called them to be.

Inspired by his collaboration with Fresh Expressions and Mike Moynagh in the development of the Godsend website and the publication of the Godsend book, he has started an online learning community for churches who want to multiply (rather than add to) their kingdom impact.

The Faithfully Adventurous Community seeks to envision and equip the local church to be a hub of smaller Christian communities connecting with people in all sorts of contexts, demonstrating God’s love, nurturing friendship, and exploring faith in relevant ways.

Imagine releasing every member of your church, empowered to be a missionary in the places where they live and work and spend their leisure time. Imagine each of them being encouraged to start their own micro-congregation, connected to and supported by the wider church community.  

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