Turn your good ideas into fruitful reality

“We long to see every individual and organisation being fruitful and flourishing, bringing their unique contribution to making the world a better place.”

RiverTree Coaching

Life can be so busy that we rarely stop to think whether all of that activity enables us to fulfil our potential and make our unique contribution, or not! Coaching is an opportunity to pause, reflect and be empowered to be more like the person we were created to become!

In every field of our lives – our relationships or our work – coaching enables us to discover new things about ourselves, find insights about the obstacles we face, and take actions that transform our lives around what we are learning.

Coaching is about you – your goals, your learning, and your growth. The skill of the coach is to ask good questions, listen well, encourage a lot, challenge a bit, and support you on the journey of discovery. It isn’t the same as mentoring (when someone passes on their expertise) because you are the expert on your life, not the coach! It also isn’t like training, because you are the one who sets the agenda.

Coaching is about the future – it isn’t therapy, which focuses on the past. There are some similarities to the techniques used but the focus is on moving forward not on healing psychological or emotional issues. In coaching, as you gain greater awareness of who you are, it’s all about you being empowered to choose what action you will take, and about you reaping the rewards of the insights you’ve gathered.

Here is an inexhaustive list of possible reasons to find a coach:

  • To encourage and support you to explore making a significant change in life or work,
  • To enable you to better deal with a season of uncertainty or transition,
  • To empower you to make better decisions,
  • To accompany you as you set yourself better goals,
  • To help you identify ways to reach goals faster,
  • To be a companion in a journey of spiritual insight and growth,
  • To discover actions that will help you become more financially stable,
  • To encourage your discernment of how to make a bigger impact on the world,
  • To gain the insights that will help you to be a better leader and/or team player,
  • To help you find ways to simplify or destress your life.

As you’ve read this list, have you got a ‘good idea’ of what you might be able to accomplish with the help of a coach? If so, click on the button below, and tell us about it.